CIPP Video Inspections of Commercial Pipes: What You Need to Know

April 17, 2023 CIPP video inspections help you get an accurate repair quote

Repairing commercial pipelines hasn’t always been easy. But advances in new technology allow technicians to inspect, restore, and test commercial pipes with ease. CIPP video inspections are a crucial part of the pipe restoration process. Without a video inspection, it’s difficult to know exactly what kind of damage your pipe has. A thorough check before work begins ensures that the process goes smoothly and quickly.

How CIPP Video Inspections Work

Inspecting a pipe for damage can sound like a complicated process, but it’s actually a lot easier than you’d think. You don’t have to tear up floors, make holes in walls, or dig costly trenches to see what’s going on. Instead, workers can use a long, flexible cable with a thin camera attached at the end. They insert the camera through a remote-access area (such as a drain) and can snake the cable through your pipes to reach the point of damage. These camera cables can work on pipes of any size, even as small as half an inch in diameter. Once the camera is in place, technicians review the images and video with closed circuit television.

When to Use CIPP Video Inspections

CIPP video inspections can come in handy on three separate occasions during the pipe restoration process.


Getting an estimate can help you determine what financial arrangements you need to make. However, it’s not always easy getting an accurate quote. Without a video inspection, it can be difficult to diagnose the damage and know exactly what it will take to fix the problem. By performing a CIPP video inspection, technicians can provide you with a full view of the damage and an accurate quote for fixing it.


Before you can use CIPP technology to restore your pipes, you need to make sure that the host pipe is clean. If there’s grime, dirt, or other buildup on the pipes, the unevenness that it creates can cause the replacement pipe to fail. Cleaning the host pipe is an important step in the restoration process, and video inspections help workers to ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned and ready.


Once the new pipe is properly cured in place, technicians need to inspect and test the pipeline to ensure everything is working as it should. A visual inspection helps ensure that the CIPP liner is properly installed and hardened before running any other tests. This visual step can spot imperfections in the curing process before the pipeline causes any more damage.

Where to Get CIPP Video Inspections

Getting your pipes inspected can help you identify damage and blocks that could harm your property. With CIPP video inspections from Vertical Pipe Repair, you can get a quick and accurate estimate for commercial pipe restoration. Our technicians have perfected the art of CIPP pipe restoration and are standing by, ready to help no matter what pipe issue you have. For quality CIPP video inspections and repairs, give us a call at 847-746-4646.