Apartment Pipe Maintenance is Easier with Vertical Pipe Repair

February 7, 2023 apartment pipe maintenance


Apartment pipe maintenance is essential for a safe apartment building. It is because the vertical pipes carry water into and sewage away from the building. As a result, it is necessary to reinforce them regularly. 

However, different pipe repair options mean different results. For instance, traditional trenching often results in additional damages and costs. Luckily, vertical pipe repair can help property owners avoid these issues by repairing the pipes from within.

Read on as we explore ways vertical CIPP can improve apartment pipe maintenance.

What is Vertical CIPP?

Vertical CIPP refers to cured-in-place pipe repair experts perform on vertical pipe systems. The process helps restore faulty pipe systems in high-rise buildings like hospitals and commercial and apartment buildings.

Cured-in-place pipe repair (CIPP) involves inserting a flexible epoxy liner into the damaged pipe. Afterward, specialists inflate it with pressure and cure it with heat or ultraviolet light. They create a jointless, seamless line with the old one.

Vertical CIPP is a modern adaptation of pipe repair geared at quickly repairing vertical pipes while reducing additional damage and costs.

How Does Vertical CIPP Work During Apartment Pipe Maintenance?

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the vertical CIPP process:

  • Cleaning: Before inspecting the affected line, experts must clean it out to clear out the debris. So, they push high-pressure water into the pipe, pushing clogs and debris from the operation site.
  • Inspection: Now that the line is clear, they perform a video inspection to assess the damage. They zero in on the fault, assess the damage, and determine the needed repair mode.
  • Access point: After the inspection, they drill a small hole, called an access point, to enable them to reach the fault.
  • Insertion: The repair team inserts a flexible epoxy liner through the access point. Then, they expand it with air or water pressure, pressing the epoxy against the inner walls of the old pipe.
  • Curing: When the epoxy has been set, experts use heat or ultraviolet to cure it in place, hardening it and forming an inner line. 
  • Final inspection: After curing the line, the team will often perform another video inspection to verify the procedure’s success. They may also push high-pressure water through the line to check for leaks and cracks. If successful, experts seal the access point to conclude the process.

Benefits of CIPP to Apartment Pipe Maintenance

CIPP can be very advantageous to residential properties. It affords them an effective way to restore damaged water and sewer lines without incurring high costs and damage. Here are some other ways vertical CIPP can benefit apartment buildings:

It is Fast

Vertical CIPP is a fast solution because experts can complete the process in hours. Invasive alternatives, in contrast, can take days to complete, as they require the team to dig them out for repair. In addition, its short duration makes it ideal for apartment scenarios, as it minimally disrupts occupants’ activity.

It is Sustainable

CIPP is a sustainable way to repair apartment pipes because experts can safely reline a pipe system many times. Also, the process is minimally disruptive and cost-effective, so it is a no-brainer for residential properties.

Relined CIPP pipes can extend pipe life by over a century.

It is Economical

Vertical CIPP is ideal for apartment pipe maintenance because it doesn’t require expensive equipment. For instance, invasive techniques need high-grade digging equipment to help them reach the pipe faster. In contrast, CIPP follows a small access point to gain access.

Also, vertical CIPP doesn’t leave an aftermath of damage behind, saving costs on repairs and replacements.

It is Durable

Vertical CIPP is a durable form of pipe repair because it uses sturdy materials like epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is highly resistant to corrosion, root intrusion, and wear, making it a long-term investment in apartment pipe maintenance.

Epoxy pipes can extend the lifespan of a pipe system by up to fifty years.

It is Eco-friendly

The epoxy resin used for vertical CIPP is an organic plant-based material, meaning it degrades into the soil without harming the environment. As a result, the process doesn’t produce much waste or carbon emissions, reducing carbon footprint and promoting sustainability.

It is Versatile

One reason experts and property owners favor vertical CIPP is its versatility. Experts can apply the process to pipes of different diameter sizes and materials, such as concrete, plastic, PVC, metal, and clay.

Overall, vertical CIPP is a reliable mode of vertical pipe repair. It is minimally invasive, sustainable, and economical, making it a wise choice for apartment building managers and occupants.

If your apartment is experiencing vertical pipe issues, you’re not alone. Many apartment buildings face the same dilemma, resulting in extensive water damage, mold, and biohazards. Luckily, vertical CIPP can help restore your sewer and water lines to their pre-damaged state.

Contact us at Vertical CIPP, where we have an expert team with equipment and expertise who can restore faulty lines safely. We will conduct a video inspection to assess the damage and determine the correct fix. We’re always happy to help!