Vertical pipeline rehabilitation will save you time and money. This flexible rehabilitation method will allow you to overcome many issues surrounding vertical pipe repair. Our installation is quick, easy, and powered by the finest tools and latest technology.

Cutting edge technology

One of the biggest advantages of using cured-in-place pipe for vertical pipeline rehabilitation is how seamless it is. Fewer joints mean fewer opportunities for leaking. Our top-of-the-line technology allows us to line over connections and then reopen them precisely. The smooth joining of pipes is essential to their proper function.

Vertical pipe rehabilitation can happen even for pipes in very bad shape. You can even bridge sections of the missing pipe using this method. When the pipe hardens, you will have one strong, solid pipe. This bypasses any further problems with your ailing vertical pipe.

Time is on your side

Vertical pipeline rehabilitation is faster than replacing pipes traditionally. There’s much less labor involved. The curing process for vertical lines sized 1’’-12’’ is very speedy. The pipe will often be cured on the same day it is placed.

Time isn’t just on your side during the installation process. Relined pipes have an effective life of up to fifty years. That’s a long time to go between replacements and labor. Due to the nature of the resin, virtually any pipe can be relined effectively and efficiently.


Due to the speed of CIPP installation and the low labor requirement, you’re looking at noteworthy savings upfront. Traditional pipe replacement would include labor for opening up walls, ceilings, and floors to access the pipes inside. The man-hours involved in traditional pipe repair quickly add up to a huge bill. This offers no disruption to your business or your tenants. There’s no damage to your walls or structure.