How Commercial Pipe Repair Works

December 21, 2022 commercial pipe repair

Commercial pipe repair can save damage costs for property owners. Well-maintained pipe systems are an integral part of commercial properties. Damaged pipe systems can disrupt commercial activity, cause water damage, and expose occupants to biohazards.

Trench pipe replacement is a pipeline that involves digging out the entire line and replacing it. This pipe repair isn’t very convenient, especially for commercial properties. The disrupted activity, repair costs, and downtime can be overwhelming.

Read on to learn about commercial pipe repair, how it works, and its benefits to commercial property owners:

What is Commercial Pipe Repair?

Commercial pipe repair refers to the unique methods of restoring faulty pipe systems in a commercial setting. These pipes may carry sewage, water, and even commercial goods like gas. Specialists recommend using trenchless technology for commercial pipe repair because of its non-invasive, non-disruptive nature.

Experts can use cured-in-place pipe repair (CIPP) in different industries and pipe types, such as metal, PVC, and concrete pipes.

What is Cured-in-Place Pipe Repair?

Cured-in-place pipe repair (CIPP) is a method of pipeline restoration that enables experts to repair failed liners without completely excavating them to replace them. CIPP can be performed on various pipes, including drainage, water, and sewer lines.

It involves filling the damaged liner with a flexible, resin-saturated tube. Afterward, experts cure it using heat or ultraviolet light, forming a protective layer within the existing liner.

How Does Commercial Pipe Repair Work?

The commercial CIPP process involves the following steps:

First, experts conduct a video inspection to determine the location of the damage and how to best handle it.

After that, specialists clean the pipe to remove any debris that may interfere with the process. It typically involves high-pressure water jets to push debris out and prepare the liner for CIPP.

Next, they inflate a flexible, resin-saturated tube, an epoxy liner, into the old pipe. The new liner is made from an organic, plant-based substance called epoxy. Typically, the epoxy liner is coated with a thermosetting resin.

After inserting the new line, experts inflate it using air or water pressure, pressing it against the walls of the aged one and ensuring it creates a tight layer.

Once the line is in place, experts use heat or ultraviolet light to cure it in place. This process hardens the resin and forms a seamless, jointless pipe.

Commercial CIPP is a quick and seamless method of repairing failed pipes without requiring lengthy and costly excavation. It allows for minimal disruption to the property and its activities.

Benefits of Commercial Pipe Repair

Commercial pipe repair benefits commercial property owners in several ways. It offers them a fast, economical, and sustainable method of restoring their pipe systems.

Here are a few benefits of commercial pipe repair:

Commercial Pipe Repair is Cost-Effective

CIPP is typically more economical than conventional excavation and replacement methods. It removes the need for trenching, repair, and replacement costs and the downtime and disruption associated with trenching.

Commercial Pipe Repair Requires Minimal Disruption

Because commercial CIPP is trenchless, experts can quickly conduct the operation with minimal disturbance to the building, occupants, and activities.

It is Durable

Commercial CIPP repair creates a seamless pipe within the existing one, and this new line will often last for decades. This pipe restoration method can save the cost of future repairs and extend the lifespan of these pipes.

It is Environmentally Friendly

Commercial CIPP uses fewer resources and produces less waste than conventional pipe replacement methods, allowing for a more environmentally-friendly alternative. Also, epoxy is made from an organic, plant-based material that is entirely biodegradable.

It is Versatile

Experts can apply commercial pipe repair to various pipe materials and sizes, making it a versatile alternative for commercial pipe systems.

It is Sustainable

Commercial CIPP pipes can be relined several times, which can extend the lifespan of a pipe system by up to a century.

Commercial CIPP requires minimal excavation, thus it causes minimal disruption to the property. It is a better option for property owners who want to minimize infrastructure and landscape damage.

If you need commercial pipe repair services, then we can help. Our specialist team has the expertise and equipment to conduct commercial CIPP for your property safely. Contact Vertical Pipe Repair, and we’ll conduct a video inspection to determine the proper fix.