How to Get Started with Commercial CIPP

December 5, 2022


commercial CIPP

As pipeline engineering moves away from trenching, more property owners are embracing commercial CIPP. Cured-in-place pipe repair (CIPP) enables specialists to efficiently repair faulty pipes in vertical commercial buildings, as the method involves minimal structural damage.

In high-rise buildings, faulty vertical pipes can be complicated. As such, they pose a real problem to the property owners and occupants. Vertical pipe repair also differs from underground pipe jobs because of the access complexity and equipment’s specialty.

Luckily, commercial CIPP helps professionals tackle failing vertical pipes easily. Its non-invasive nature allows experts to work without removing the entire line. We can apply this trenchless fix in buildings such as schools, hospitals, offices, and other high-rise buildings. 

Read on to learn about cured-in-place pipe repair (CIPP), how to get started with commercial CIPP, and the numerous benefits it offers.

What is CIPP (Cured-in-Place Pipe)?

Cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP) is a trenchless rehabilitation method for repairing damaged pipelines. It takes much less time to accomplish than conventional repair techniques and involves little trenching. 

CIPP allows specialists to restore failing pipes without digging out the entire line. It also costs less than traditional pipe repair, hence its popularity with pipeline engineers and property owners.

How Does CIPP Work?

Experts pull or push the liquid resin into the damaged line using a resin-saturated tube. They gain access through a utility hole or pre-existing access point to allow this. Throughout the process, experts monitor the pipe with a video camera.

With air pressure, experts fasten the point repair to the inner wall of the damaged pipe. Experts cure the resin with heat or UV light when in place, causing it to harden and form a new layer over the damaged line.

CIPP helps to prevent the structural damage that accompanies traditional trenching methods. It is also quieter, enabling occupants to continue their daily activities. CIPP can extend pipe life by up to 50 years.

How to Get Started with Commercial CIPP

Getting started with CIPP is a breeze when you use the right service. They inspect the damage and determine how to handle the damage best.

With a reputable commercial CIPP service, you can determine what type of trenchless pipe repair is the best option for your commercial property. In this process, your service provider will conduct a video inspection to determine the level of damage.

Benefits of Commercial CIPP

CIPP offers a range of benefits to commercial property owners. It helps them fix failing pipes seamlessly, saves time, and avoids disturbance. 

Here are some of the benefits of commercial CIPP:

Commercial CIPP Saves Time

After the curing process, CIPP can restore a damaged pipe within sixty minutes. However, the full duration will depend on the level of damage. It can take anywhere from one to five hours.

Traditional pipe repair methods are more time-consuming since they require engineers to dig out the entire line.

Commercial CIPP is Less Obstructive 

Due to its non-invasive nature, CIPP is generally quieter and less obstructive to the property. It avoids noise and allows the property’s occupants to conduct their activities as usual.

Commercial CIPP Prevents Structural Damage

Since CIPP is trenchless, specialists barely tamper with the structure during the operation. It allows for a seamless job and prevents avoidable structural damage.

Commercial CIPP is Eco-Friendly

Epoxy coating (resin) is an eco-friendly form of protective coating because it is comes from organic plant sources. This means relining your pipes won’t pollute or harm the environment. 

Commercial CIPP Pipes Endure Root Intrusion

Resin is a sturdy protective layer that doesn’t easily yield to root intrusion. Root intrusion occurs when tree roots penetrate a line, causing clogs and leaks in your sewer system.

CIPP is especially useful in areas prone to root intrusion, as it provides a permanent fix to the problem. 

It Extends Pipe Life

Resin is a durable material that relines failing pipes and extends their lifespan. Since experts can reline CIPP pipes, the process can repair pipes repeatedly. 

Epoxy is corrosion- and rot-resistant. Cured-in-place pipe repair can even extend pipe life by over a century if maintained over time.

It Costs Less

Since CIPP uses less labor, equipment, and time, it generally costs less than traditional trenching. It helps commercial property owners save costs and get more value for their pipe system maintenance.

Commercial CIPP is an excellent option for commercial property owners who want a lasting trenchless solution to their piping problems. It helps them save time and cost and won’t disrupt any activities on the property. If your commercial building is experiencing signs of a faulty piping system, then it’s time to seek professional services.

At Vertical Pipe Repair, we specialize in restoring faulty lines in commercial high-rise buildings. With commercial CIPP, our experts repair failing pipes with minimal structural damage. Contact us today, and we will conduct a video inspection and determine your correct fix.