Is Vertical Pipe Restoration Costly?

December 8, 2023 vertical pipe restoration


Vertical pipe restoration is a new and innovative alternative to traditional procedures. The traditional method involves removing and discarding the damaged pipe altogether and replacing it with an entirely new line. While CIPP is a sustainable option, many property owners rightfully question the cost of vertical pipe restoration.

Today, the most common way to restore vertical pipes is to reline them with epoxy, a method popularly known as CIPP. This isn’t the only application where CIPP supersedes traditional replacement. In fact, to reduce damage, property owners consult pipeline specialists to reline their underground pipes.

Read on as we explore vertical pipe restoration, how the procedure works, and whether its cost profile makes it a wise investment.

What Does Vertical Pipe Restoration Really Mean?

Vertical pipe restoration is a blanket term describing the process of repairing vertical water and sewer lines. So, it encompasses the traditional trench-and-replace procedure and the more common CIPP. However, owners of high-rise buildings are increasingly skipping digging out their pipes today.

Vertical CIPP is the more widespread method, as it saves the building’s integrity while doing its job. For instance, digging out leaky vertical pipes would require experts to damage the wall and structure during extraction. While contractors may restore the damaged structure, consequent pipe replacement (in this way) paves the way for collapse by constantly weakening the building.

How Much Does Vertical CIPP Cost?

The cost of remediating your vertical pipes with CIPP will depend on factors like the extent and severity of the damage. For example, repairing 2 feet of corroded pipe will differ from repairing 4 feet of root-intruded pipe. So, the most accurate quote for your pipes will come from an expert with a video inspection.

However, vertical CIPP is considerably less expensive than trenching. For one, it doesn’t require the same pricy equipment or vehicles, which means that property owners can save on equipment costs. And the drastically reduced downtime means that offices, hospitals, and schools save valuable time and resources.

From a practical viewpoint, vertical CIPP pays for itself by cutting down future pipe issues with its non-penetrable epoxy technology. By incorporating the procedure in regular pipe maintenance, property owners can detect and resolve small faults before they balloon into much larger issues. 

When you compare the pros of trench repair and vertical CIPP, the latter easily wins in cost control. Its cheaper labor, equipment, and aftermath make it a worthy contender for traditional repair on today’s pipe scene.

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