Where to Get Professional Vertical Pipe Repair

January 10, 2024 vertical pipe repair


Vertical pipe repair is saving vertical pipelines around the US every day. As an alternative to invasive pipe repair, vertical CIPP provides property owners with the opportunity to quickly restore overhead pipelines before they become a big deal. This means it is no surprise that we’re seeing a massive shift toward trenchless repair methods like CIPP.

While the demand for CIPP has skyrocketed, many property managers still struggle to access the service for themselves. When compared to trenching, trenchless vertical pipe repair is relatively new and harder to reach. Luckily, certified CIPP technicians are available and on hand to attend to your pipe issues.

Read on as we explore vertical pipe repair, its methods and procedure, and where you can access a CIPP specialist for your pipes. 

What Does Vertical Pipe Repair Mean?

Vertical pipe repair describes the process of restoring pipelines that sit in the structures of high-rise buildings. They are called vertical pipes because they are positioned vertically to transport waste and water from the property. So, properties like schools, malls, and hospitals will require vertical pipe repair at some point.

These days, vertical pipe repair encompasses both trench repair and trenchless repair. But with the massive shift toward the latter, it’s becoming increasingly common for property owners to opt for vertical CIPP.

How Does Vertical CIPP Work, Then?

Vertical CIPP is simply the “vertical” version of underground CIPP. Instead of digging out and replacing the damaged line, vertical CIPP strengthens the line’s faults. For instance, instead of replacing an entire pipe section, experts use flexible epoxy as reinforcement.

The expert team starts by boring a small hole in the line to allow them to reach the damage. Then, they pull or push in an epoxy tube and inflate it with air or water pressure. After letting the epoxy set, experts use ultraviolet light or heat to cure it in place.

By now, the expert team has created a seamless and jointless reinforcement to serve as a protective layer. Vertical CIPP helps property owners save costs on labor, equipment, downtime, and damage.

Where Can You Find Professional Vertical CIPP?

Vertical CIPP is common in the United States, even though it is fairly new. Dallas properties, for example, can rely on Vertical CIPP to tackle their pipe issues while preserving their building’s structure.

Our team consists of certified individual CIPP technicians who work together to restore pipe systems before they result in extensive damage. Contact us, and we’ll conduct a video inspection and determine the correct fix.