Are CIPP Pipes Durable?

October 9, 2023 cipp pipes


CIPP pipes’ durability is a common concern among property owners today. Their questions and fears are valid, especially when considering the damage caused by trench repair. So, for property owners opting out of the dangers of trench pipe repair, CIPP repair must check all the right boxes.

Luckily, CIPP is a well-researched procedure that is certified for use around the globe. Its procedures are documented as an effective alternative to traditional trenching. As a result, we know a good deal about the procedure’s steps, pros, and even situations where CIPP is not as effective.

Read on as we explore cured-in-place pipe repair, how it works, and the durability of CIPP pipes

What Is CIPP, Anyway?

Cured-in-place pipe repair is an innovative way to repair pipelines without digging them out. Its technology works to combat pipe issues without causing the same consequences as trench pipe repair. This means it lines pipes with a durable, biodegradable material to seal out the cracks.

To start, experts clean the pipe with high-pressure water jets, providing them with a clear site for repair. Then, they pull or push a flexible epoxy line into the existing pipe and inflate it with air pressure. The pressure expands the liner and pushes it against the old tube, forming a protective layer. 

The expert team leaves the pipe to set, and after it has hardened, they use heat or ultraviolet light to cure it. The cured epoxy serves as a sealant, making the broken pipe whole again.

How Durable Are CIPP Pipes?

The durability of CIPP pipes is undefeated. Unlike trench repair, experts can skip the damaging aftermath that typically ensues from pipe repair. With property damage and landscape issues out of the way, CIPP pipes can last for several decades.

Property owners incorporate CIPP into their maintenance routine to further increase pipe life. Essentially, they reach out to a pipe restoration specialist, who then conducts a proper video inspection. With an analysis of the inspection, experts can identify and repair weak areas before they collapse.

Where to Find a Pipeline Rehabilitation Professional

While CIPP is fairly new, its services span across the United States. For instance, Vertical CIPP is an industry leader dedicated to remedying damaged pipelines. Aside from underground pipes, our expert team works with property owners to tackle vertical pipes in high-rise buildings. 

The team is certified and equipped with modern technologies, allowing us to offer the best services to the clients. Call us to discuss installing CIPP pipes today!