Vertical Pipe Fixes to Keep Commercial Systems Flowing

March 16, 2022

Keeping a commercial pipe system pressurized and working is crucial to a property’s purpose. All it takes is one bad pipe section to burst before you are stuck trying to meet the expenses. Future-proofing pipelines and sewer systems is one way to stop this from happening. Vertical pipe fixes do just that, helping you stay ahead of major pipe issues.

CIPP, or cured-in-place vertical pipe repair, future-proofs buildings against extended or related pipe failures. With CIPP, our contractors can reduce the chances of a pipe breakdown. The goal is to keep that system moving along without delay, so that tenants, employees, and customers stay happy. And so will your wallet.

Vertical Pipe Fixes that Last Up to Fifty Years

CIPP contractors use slip-liners made of solid fabrics to secure new or loose pipe sections together. With the right touch, these results are immediate once applied. Adding slip-liners to vertical pipe interiors is a foolproof plan. Using a special bonding resin to the damages, pipes can last up to 50 years. This is because the pipes will be better protected against quakes, leaks, and destructive intruders like rodents.

Vertical Pipe Inspections

Inspections help determine the need for slip-liners for any given pipe section. Typically, our pipe specialists can cure vertical lines sized 1’’-12’’ within 24 hours. To do this, the CIPP specialist uses light or heat to speed up the curing timeline. Much of the needed information is gathered during the initial inspection, giving contractors a clear outlook on the scenario. With an informed inspection, the optimal solution is reached.

For example, slip-liners are often the solution to pipe problems such as worn-out pipes. With CIPP as an integral part of the process, the contractor can easily swap problematic sections. Before the work occurs, an inspection allows you to plan the budget accordingly. Once the contractor has a complete picture, they can begin the comprehensive rehabilitation process.

Vertical Pipe Fixes that Pinpoint Damages

CIPP gives pipe specialists a way to pinpoint and fix pipe damages. Snake-like cameras are fed into pipelines and maintenance hole covers to the needed areas. Once in place, the operator can capture pipe interiors and document the issues thanks to the cable’s flexibility. Afterward, the troublesome pipes are imploded and removed as the new parts are moved into place. This type of CIPP technology gives contractors a surgical edge for the repair process.

Fix Pipe Issues with Vertical Pipe Repair

Vertical pipe repair with CIPP is applied through less intrusive methods. Contractors can dodge any exterior damages. As a result, the property manager saves on labor costs while maintaining the structural integrity. Our speedy services stop unnecessary commercial shutdowns because each fix is applied in a masterful way. Contact our piping experts today and see how we can give you an advantage.