CIPP Pipe Services for Commercial Interiors

January 14, 2022 vertical pipe restoration

CIPP pipe services are often the only solution for commercial interior issues. These problems start small but can easily develop into far-reaching issues impacting the entire property. After all, a commercial piping system is integral to the comfort of the people who rely on it.

Vertical Pipe Repair’s contractors use cured-in-place pipe repair methods on commercial pipelines to eliminate the risk of interior issues leaking into living and working areas. Vertical pipes themselves can be one of the most difficult setups to manage, which is why CIPP is so useful. Our contractors can do the work without intrusive damages by relying on CIPP pipe services.

How Pipe Damages Can Affect Commercial Interiors

Given the fact that piping runs alongside foundations and in-between walls, sewer and water pipes can easily damage their surroundings. While some properties are safeguarded against leaks infiltrating board meeting rooms, storage areas, and workshops, there is no guarantee.

For example, an older pipe section may slowly erode. Instances like this can go unseen, while rust and wear do their worst. This leads to pooling, backed-up pipes, and other unpleasant results. One common side effect of pipe problems is strange odors. If that space is regularly occupied, then there is a strong possibility that the gradual nature of fumigation can go unnoticed. The odor issue is often discovered by someone who visits the commercial property for the first time. By the time this occurs, the unpleasant smell could inhabit the wooden support beams, which means you will need to hire a professional to restore the paneling and all that goes with it.

The cost of such remedies is no joke. Vertical Pipe Repair recommends regular pipe inspections to find these pipe deficiencies before they multiply. Our contractors can swap ruined or weaker sections out with innovative techniques. Cured-in-place methods include pipe-bursting methods. During this process, the contractor destroys and removes the section while sliding its replacement in. This saves time and money as well.

Keeping Commercial Interiors Intact with CIPP Pipe Services

One difference between traditional pipe repair and CIPP is that these methods cause less damage. During instances where interior pipes must come out, older methods can lead to damaged walls and even ceilings. CIPP makes it easier to access problematic areas. This is accomplished by using remote techniques and tools. Slip-lining is one unique way to solidify and reinforce existing pipes. For this method, the contractor feeds a sturdy pipe-liner inside the pipe, and with a special curing process bonds it to the pipe’s interior. With this kind of approach, pipes can last up to 50 years. For commercial interiors, this longevity is a big advantage for the years to come.

Vertical Pipe Repair is Open for Business

CIPP pipe services have benefited commercial property owners for almost a decade. The cured-in-place method is gaining popularity because the results are as they should be: reliable. For pipe repairs, the last thing anyone wants is an unpredictable outcome. Thanks to video inspections and particular planning, our contractors know what to expect and how to accomplish the task. For further information on how CIPP works for you, ask our representatives about your commercial pipes.