Common Pipe Problems for Commercial Locations

April 20, 2022

In a perfect world, common pipe problems should eventually become uncommon, right? Unfortunately, there are certain factors that will always be present when it comes to maintaining commercial pipes. Still, these recurring issues do have solutions. While traditional repair methods could address many of these, modern ingenuity has led to tactics with better performance and outcomes. Cured-in-place pipe repair is one of those creations that make leaks, back-ups, and other issues easier to deal with.

CIPP is a pipe repair technology based on more effective pathways towards goals. For contractors and property managers, CIPP often saves on both time and money, two of the most common losses when a commercial pipe breaks down. If you are in charge of a commercial property, you need to understand that loss is as common as rodents in the sewer. A wise move would be to prepare for common pipe problems because they will happen eventually.

How to Prepare Against Common Pipe Problems

So how does one prepare for the worst? A commercial property relies heavily on its sewer systems and interior piping, so the first thing you want to do is keep tabs on your property. Hiring a pipe inspector is a great way to stay ahead of problems before they develop.

For example, a pipe section can slowly become increasingly fractured due to water pressures or severe weather. Sometimes, these faulty pipes are visible, though it might take a professional eye to spot them. Scheduling a pipeline inspection allows you to prepare against a costly future issue. Oftentimes, property owners hold off on a professional inspection because they want to save some money. However, consider the expense that will accumulate when a small problem develops into a large one. You will most certainly lose more.

Common Pipe Problems and Traditional Repair Methods

It goes without saying that the pipe repair industry has existed for decades. Common sense dictates that many of the problems that plague commercial pipelines do have a solution. However, problems arise when the old methods fall short. For example, trench digging tactics helped to place the pipe specialist below ground, where the work could begin. The drawbacks to these digs are clear: torn-up property grounds, along with the occasional collateral damage to adjoining pipes.

CIPP cures common pipe problems for any scenario. By using techniques such as slip-liner/pipe-liner installation and quick-curing cement application, the pipe contractor can bond and bridge as needed. Once the cement hardens and the new sections are in place, the piping system will be reinforced, providing up to 50 years of pipe life. CIPP avoids the need for monthly labor services to address common pipe problems. In a short time, the property’s water services will be up and running.

Vertical Pipe Repair Cuts Away Common Problems

Rather than cutting corners, cured-in-place pipe repair cuts costs. Anyone who has experienced frozen pipes or water shortages knows how important this is. Commercial buildings benefit from CIPP because it causes little to no delay. Regardless of where the pipes are located in your apartment complex, we provide expert-level services. Contact us now for experienced help.