Vertical Pipe Restoration Without Commercial Shutdowns

July 14, 2021 vertical pipe repair

When complications arise, vertical pipe restoration can cause commercial property shutdowns if performed incorrectly. As sewer systems are a vital part of modern convenience, building managers must maintain pipes to avoid bigger issues. Common leaks and clogs might seem like a hassle, but allowing them to get worse leads to long delays and more expenses.

Ideally, you want a pipe restoration service that works with multiple types of piping structures. Schools, factories, and apartment complexes all have different foundational layouts. Vertical pipes might be harder to observe in a government building versus a high-rise apartment. With the right approach, even pipes in poor shape can be repaired or replaced. In the long run, property managers want cured-in-place pipe repair.

CIPP Restoration Benefits

Also known as CIPP, this pipe restoration method helps replace or rehabilitate vertical pipes that run through hotels, hospitals, and various commercial properties. Vertical pipeline restoration is accomplished with finesse when contractors can fix issues on the spot without knocking down interiors. Along with fewer commercial shutdowns, CIPP features:

  • strong resin bonding

  • easy slip-liner applications

  • fewer risks for patrons and workers

The process is much faster, as well. For example, once the problem is pinpointed, a tool is inserted at the entry point of the existing tube. The tool is connected to a new pipe before the old pipe is burst.

CIPP allows the old pipe to be destroyed while drawing the new pipe into place. In cases where slip-liners are used to bond sections together, contractors can cure vertical lines sized 1’’-12’’ within a 24-hour period. Vertical Pipe Repair’s pipe specialist can help you avoid any unnecessary commercial shutdowns.

How Vertical Pipe Restoration Works

Commercial property shutdowns usually occur due to pipe repair jobs taking longer than expected. Once repairs go over budget, then delays will continue. Vertical pipe restoration saves time and money because the process is simplified. A property’s interior pipes can be addressed without needing to open walls up just to access the pipes. In fact, a video inspection can infiltrate hard-to-reach pipe sections to determine a game plan.

Quick Resin Curing

Slip-liners, made of a strong fabric, can pull pipe sections together and restore the initial strength of a piping system. With Vertical Pipe Repair, the curing process can take 4 to 12 hours on average. Even in complicated pipe restoration scenarios, CIPP contractors can adapt and save you time.

CIPP contractors use light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, to speed up the process. In LED CIPP, much of the repair work is done using remote tools, which creates a safer process for all involved. LED lighting cures resin at a rate of 7 meters in 7 minutes. Depending on the size of the pipe, that can cut curing time from days to a matter of hours. CIPP restoration gives your pipeline better protection thanks to hardened resin security. This bonding process helps reduce the odds of pipe breakdown and corrosion.

No Commercial Shutdowns with Vertical Pipe Restoration

At Vertical Pipe Repair, our restoration specialists can help keep your hotels, hospitals, schools, and public buildings operational without closures to fix pipe issues. Any clogs created by tree roots or rodents are cleared with CIPP methods. We can replace pipe sections behind walls by using less-destructive entry points. No matter where the problem originates, call us now for a remedy.