How Vertical Pipe Repair Assists in Apartment Building Maintenance

June 8, 2021

Vertical pipe repair benefits superintendents and commercial property overseers. Dealing with behind-the-wall leaks or clogs is a common issue. Hotels, hospitals, and other commercial buildings require occasional fixing-up. Ideally, you want problems solved competently and quickly.

CIPP, or cured-in-place pipe repair, is the least invasive approach to pipe system repairs. Contractors can do the work without disturbing tenants or damaging building interiors. For superintendents, pipe repair without a trace might seem impossible, but Vertical Pipe Repair’s services only deal in innovation and satisfaction.

CIPP: No-Trace Repairs

For commercial property pipe repairs, the work often involves opening walls, ceilings, and floors. Pipelines are placed strategically to serve tenants, but this also involves drawbacks. In order to access interior pipes, you might expect a complicated tear-down. That’s a bill you don’t want to see, even if you have the finances to cover everything.

Vertical Pipe Repair stops disruptions to everyday business or the lives of tenants. Our contractors know how to make a fix without damaging your walls, floors, or foundations. Entry points will be kept simple without leaving “scars” on the property. In fact, we use special tools that can slip into smaller entry points. In some ways, CIPP is a surgical-style approach that avoids markings and damage.

Curing for Speed

One reason vertical pipe repair works for interiors is due to resin curing. With CIPP, pipeline rehabilitation is much faster and less intrusive. In fact, most vertical line jobs within 1” to 12” sizes can be cured in a 24-hour period, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

With strong resin application, any disjointed pipes can be relined. Contractors work with effective tools to do the job. Typically, they insert slip-liners through an entry point, then inject resin into the pipe. Using various tricks of the trade, the contractors cure the resin with heat or other elements. The result is reliable bonding. Curing for speed is a hallmark of Vertical Pipe Repair.

No Disruption Repair and Maintenance

Vertical pipe repairs won’t stop tenants or employees from their daily routines. For example, CIPP work does not require building closures or large evacuations. In a short time, water services will be turned on again, with hardly any disruption. For anyone who has lived through frozen pipes or water shortages, this is a big deal. CIPP is an advantage to apartment buildings because there are few – or no – delays.

Vertical Pipe Repair

We offer pipe rehabilitation for any scenario. While vertical pipelines might have a difficult reputation, our contractors can bridge, bond, and repair sections without dramatic techniques. When the pipe hardens together, you end up with a reinforced system. And to make the repair process even better, relined pipes have improved longevity, with up to 50 years of pipe life.

This means you won’t have to seek out replacement and labor services every few months. Cured-in-place pipe repair is a quality approach that doesn’t cut corners – just expenses. We provide expert-level services to cover your apartment complex, no matter where the pipes are located. Contact us now for a job estimate.