Repairing Vertical Pipes on a Budget

August 18, 2021

Repairing vertical pipes is a necessary action, especially when your commercial property experiences a leak. In vertical setups, these leaks occur within the walls of apartments, government buildings, or office complexes. Due to tenants, furniture, and room layouts, this kind of repair is not always the easiest to perform.

In fact, without the right approach, repairing vertical pipes can consume your time and money. However, CIPP contractors can address a commercial pipe issue in a way that takes less of those needed assets. Known as cured-in-place pipe repair, this procedure takes traditional methods and improves upon them. For example, the initial steps are smoother across the board, with better preparation resulting in higher rates of success. Once CIPP is chosen as the plan of action, you stand to reap the benefits and end the problem early.

Better Preparation for Pipe Repair

The various root causes of pipe failures can be identified with a video inspection – one that gives pipe specialists more information about your problem. Dodging add-on costs is much easier when the contractor can find the troubling pipe section without needing to resort to extreme measures. Pipeline knowledge is crucial for dealing with commercial buildings, because each pipeline layout is different depending on its environment. While traditional methods often relied on trench digging and structural knock-downs, CIPP contractors can discover the signs of a broken or clogged vertical pipeline using a flexible camera, one that documents the ordeal from the inside. This recorded footage is useful for better preparation and insurance claims as well.

Hallmarks of CIPP for Repairing Vertical Pipes

CIPP is a no-dig process, where a special tool is inserted at the entry point of the existing tube. At the same time, the tool is connected to a new pipe before the old pipe bursts, which allows damaged sections to be destroyed while drawing a replacement inside. The force of the new pipe installation allows all pieces of the old pipe to be removed quickly and safely by the contractor. Once the liner bonds to the existing pipe and properly cures, you won’t have to worry about your vertical pipes posing any more issues.

In fact, CIPP repair rehabs older or damaged systems to last much longer than expected. All of this is done without leaving any environmental mess behind. When it comes to commercial pipe repair, this is fundamental—keeping interior walls, floors, or exteriors damage-free from spills and extraneous damage is what CIPP is designed to do.

Recognizing Signs of Vertical Pipe Failure

Not sure if you need CIPP for your vertical pipes? Be sure to check for common signs. Note that pipe failures typically materialize in the form of:

  • water backups

  • unfamiliar odors inside rooms and small spaces

  • growing cracks in walls or foundation areas

  • unresponsive pipelines and functions throughout the property

Ultimately, you’ll want to hire repair services if you notice any of the above occurring onsite. Hiring a CIPP contractor is one way to address any issues, because CIPP is a versatile method that fits your budget.

Repairing Vertical Pipes with CIPP

Vertical Pipe Repair keeps leaks and clogs from turning into budget-breaking affairs. Our pipeline rehabilitation and maintenance services will minimize any disruptions that could affect everyday operations, allowing you to grow your business. CIPP will meet your standards of safety, cosmetic appeal, and other pipe repair aspects. Additionally, CIPP adds up to 50 years of sewer pipe-life after completion. With CIPP repair, your pipes can be fixed and protected against future breakdowns. Contact our representatives now for an estimate.