Pipe Bursting for Apartment Buildings

August 20, 2019

Have you thought about pipe bursting for your apartment building? A lot of people don’t even realize that it’s an option for repairing vertical pipes. However, pipe bursting is one of the most efficient ways to take care of pipe-related problems. Though people often refer to pipe bursting as a type of pipe repair, it’s actually a form of pipe replacement. One machine travels through the existing pipe, breaking it apart as it goes. The next machine pulls a new pipeline into the place where the old pipe used to sit. This method comes with a lot of advantages, especially for commercial building owners.

Why Apartment Building Owners Use Pipe Bursting 

Apartment building owners often prefer pipe bursting for repairing vertical pipes. For one thing, the process requires little to no digging. Usually, pipe repair requires the specialist to dig an entire trench. Those trenches can completely destroy your building’s landscaping. With pipe bursting, you can save yourself from the eyesore and the hassle.

Second, some apartment buildings have old, outdated pipes. Many of these pipes are beyond repair. Pipe bursting is a great way to replace those old, rusty pipes with brand-new pipes that can last for years to come.

Third, pipe bursting is a technique that works well for repairing vertical pipes. A lot of repair methods only work well for horizontal pipes. If your apartment building has several floors, then you’ll need vertical pipe repair at one point or another. Pipe bursting is a great way to get the job done without a ton of inconvenience and logistical nightmares.

Finally, pipe bursting is a quick process, which means that it will cause minimal disruption of your tenants’ daily lives.

Repair and Upsizing 

Pipe bursting is a great choice for repairing vertical pipes. However, it can also be an ideal choice when you need to replace a small pipe with a larger one. When you’re dealing with vertical pipes, bursting is the best way to achieve upsizing. Compared to traditional pipe replacement, it keeps your building intact and doesn’t waste your time.

Repairing Vertical Pipes 

Do you need pipe repair options for your apartment building? The Vertical Pipe Repair team is here to help. Ask us how you can have brand-new pipes with the pipe bursting method. Contact us today to get started. Let’s take care of all of your pipe troubles.