Manhole Maintenance in Congested Areas

September 20, 2019

Servicing manholes and adjacent pipe systems is a challenge in congested areas. Urban areas with a lot of cars or tight spaces with high rises all around can become a mess quickly if traffic patterns are disrupted. Lengthy maintenance and repairs can hurt movement in the area and drive business away. Additionally, it makes it harder for employees to get to the office. Vertical pipe service requires expertise to get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Ideally, maintenance can be done in off-hours to avoid too much impact. Here are some keys to smooth manhole maintenance in congested areas.

Scheduling Vertical Pipe Service

The best vertical pipe service crews can work around busy city and urban schedules. It’s not a great idea to get manhole maintenance done during rush hours. Pipe service technicians are used to getting up early or working nights to be on the street when cars aren’t. After all, it’s safer for them when there are fewer cars on the road. Further, it’s easier to get work done without all the noise and distraction.

Advanced Tech Gets the Job Done Quickly

Modern pipe repair companies, especially those focused on working in cities, deploy teams with advanced tools and technology. Cameras, sensors, drills, and other equipment helps them get the job done fast so foot and vehicle traffic around city manholes can get back to normal. Pipe and manhole maintenance tools help technicians leverage technology to get vertical pipe service inspection and repair work done in less time with fewer people. The overall footprint of maintenance is smaller.

Safety Always a Priority

Manhole maintenance must be done with safety in mind. Vertical pipe service teams have to take precautions in order to protect pedestrians and repair technicians working onsite. Typically, manhole maintenance requires multiple manholes to be open. There is a falling risk. There have also been combustion accidents due to built-up pressure inside sewer systems. Manhole maintenance should always be done with public safety in mind. There’s no room for error in congested areas with lots of people and nearby buildings.

Vertical Pipe Repair has conducted regular manhole maintenance in urban areas for years. Our teams are capable of adjusting to any job or scheduling requirements and have been trained in all of the latest pipe service technology. For questions about manhole maintenance or any other vertical pipe service, contact us today to hear how we can help.