Common Plumbing Challenges in Multi-Story Buildings

July 24, 2019

Image by sergei akulich from Pixabay

Plumbing is straightforward enough when it comes to single-story homes, but what about multi-story buildings? If you own or manage this kind of building, then you’ve probably already seen some plumbing challenges. These buildings have unique plumbing needs that can cause issues. Often, traditional plumbing methods can’t keep up with these issues. Vertical pipe repair, on the other hand, is designed for multi-story buildings. Here’s how vertical repair can help you navigate your building’s plumbing challenges.

Size and Complexity 

First of all, the sheer size of a multi-story building makes things more complicated. After all, the bigger the building, the more complex the plumbing. When a multi-level building needs pipe repair, most building owners won’t know where to start. That’s where vertical repair comes in. Vertical pipe repair goes from the top down, repairing pipes in the direction that works best for the building’s structure. Furthermore, vertical pipe specialists understand how these buildings work, which means that they’re better equipped to handle multi-level pipe issues.

Difficulty Spotting Problems 

In a single-story building, plumbing problems become apparent quickly. When you have a multi-level building, on the other hand, you may not notice problems right away. Small issues can go unnoticed until they become big problems. One way to overcome this challenge is to read up on multi-story plumbing. You don’t need to know the whole structure, but it helps to know what problems to look for. When you do spot trouble, a vertical pipe repair specialist can help. These specialists are trained to notice the little details, too, so they can save your pipes from further damage.

Water Pressure 

In large buildings, the plumbing system has to generate enough pressure for several kitchens and bathrooms. Some buildings struggle with this challenge. Multi-level buildings are often the first to lose water pressure. If you do lose pressure, you may have an issue with your pipes. Again, vertical repair is the best choice.

Residents and Clients 

Finally, the biggest plumbing challenge isn’t about the plumbing at all. It’s about the people inside the building. Any pipe repairs must accommodate those who live or work inside the building. Loud, obvious repairs can disturb work and day-to-day living. The good news is that vertical pipe repair is much faster and quieter than traditional repairs. With a vertical pipe specialist, you don’t have to disturb your clients or tenants.

Vertical Pipe Repair 

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