What Problems Can CIPP Fix?

June 27, 2019

Cured in place piping, or CIPP, is one of the most beneficial pipe repair options for multi-story buildings. Apartment buildings, hospitals, commercial centers, and other tall buildings often have complicated pipe systems. A break or leak can cause significant property damage or disruption. Since multi-story buildings typically rely on customers or tenants for a profit, any difficulty providing services to customers or people can be a headache. It can also mean lost revenue. When pipe problems arise, it’s vital for managers and owners know their repair options. More people are turning to CIPP because it’s affordable compared to traditional pipe repair. It also significantly cuts down on repair time. Here’s a look at what problems CIPP can fix.

Hard-to-Reach Pipe Problems

Buildings with several stories have pipe systems under, over, and inside of them. They weave through the building to provide water, sewage, and other services to everyone inside. When a pipe problem happens, it’s not as simple as locating a pipe in a home basement. In many cases, due to the structure of the building, the pipe is hard to reach. This is where CIPP comes in handy. With CIPP, repair technicians can locate the problem pipe without large-scale excavation. The pipe is repaired without digging or shutting down whole areas of the building for a long time. Crews don’t have to tear down walls or break floors to get to the issue.

Repairing Pipes on a Budget

Multi-story buildings are often run as a business. Commercial property owners need to make money on their buildings to keep the lights on. Unfortunately, sometimes building owners are faced with difficult financial decisions. Needed repairs are put off until there is enough money available to fix them. CIPP is a great option for budget-conscious owners because it’s generally much more affordable than traditional pipe repair since less labor and fewer parts are required. It’s more cost-friendly than total pipe replacement. CIPP is the answer for owners who need pipe systems fixed.

Vertical Pipe Repair has been providing CIPP solutions to Texas businesses for years. Our team of dedicated technicians is trained in the most modern repair processes available. We partner with commercial property owners to help get pipe services back on track fast. Whether it’s scheduled annual maintenance or an actual emergency, Vertical Pipe Repair has the tools and resources to help. Contact our team to hear more about our pipe repair services.