Vertical Pipe Repair for Hotels and Office Buildings

December 17, 2019

When you need vertical pipe repair for hotels and office buildings, you need a contractor with relevant experience. There’s too much riding on getting it right to opt for someone new to the pipe repair game. Working on complex pipe systems inside multi-level buildings takes experience. There’s a lot riding on getting good repairs. Mix-ups can cause delays that have a direct impact on your business. They can cause disruptions that close off portions of your building or affect water and sewer access. Finding the right vertical pipe repair provider is critical. Here is how to find someone right for you.

Choose a Vertical Pipe Repair Service Based on Track Record

When you start contacting vertical pipe repair companies, ask for references. Make sure they have a track record of satisfaction and great work quality. Talk to past clients about what their experience was like. Make sure they have worked on buildings similar to yours in the past. That means they have the tools, technicians, and skills necessary to get your project completed.

Talk to Them About Timeline

You need to be clear with your contractor about what your expectations are. Most of the time, disputes with contractors come down to disagreements over schedules. If you are running a hotel or office building, schedule overruns can disrupt building access and your bottom line. Be clear with your contractor about how long the vertical pipe repair will take. Make sure there is no confusion between your expectations and their deliverables. In the end, you’ll be glad you had the direct conversations upfront.

Ask for a Comprehensive Inspection

Most vertical pipe repair companies do this as a matter of course, but ask just to be sure. Getting a full pipe system inspection is a great way to plan for the future. Technicians will let you know what repairs and maintenance you need to plan on down the road. You’ll be expecting the repairs instead of being surprised by them. It will help with your strategic financial planning. You’ll also prevent plumbing and water emergencies with vertical pipe repair inspections.

Vertical Pipe Repair has been giving clients the best service and high-quality work for years. We’re the area’s preferred repair service provider and are committed to your satisfaction. We can work any vertical job, so get in touch with us today to hear how we can help.