How Video Inspections can Pinpoint Pipe Issues

November 14, 2019

When something goes wrong with a pipe, the damage can range from something minor to a major disaster. You can get a pipe that’s leaking and dripping slowly, or you can come back to the office in the morning to flooded floors and gushing water. If you own or work in a multi-story building, you have vertical pipes that can be even more challenging to repair and maintain. Sometimes, in large facilities, it’s hard to find the source of plumbing issues. A pipe leaking could be caused by a clog or break somewhere else in the plumbing system. With vertical pipe repair, finding the root cause of damage is critical. That’s why companies are using more televising equipment than ever to conduct video inspections. Here’s how it works and why it’s so effective. 

Avoid Large Excavation Projects

Televising equipment has come a long way in recent years. The technology used to be quite limited. The picture was grainy and it could only work from a short distance. However, now vertical pipe repair crews use televising equipment to clearly see what’s going on inside pipe systems. They get a perfect view of clogs, breaks, and corrosion in your pipes. 

This helps avoid large-scale excavation projects to search for what’s wrong. Video inspections search through plumbing systems to find the exact site of a problem. 

Help Determine if CIPP is Appropriate for Vertical Pipe Repair

When you can clearly see inside a pipe with video equipment, you know how to best repair it. These days, vertical pipe repair is done with cured in place piping, or CIPP. CIPP inserts molding into the damaged pipe and pushes out onto the pipe walls. As a result, a new pipe within a pipe forms that extends the life of your plumbing. You don’t need complex repairs or total pipe replacement. 

Fast Annual Inspections

The development of video equipment has made pipe inspections faster and easier than ever. Technicians can be done quickly, and you can have peace of mind that your pipes are in good condition. When there is an issue, they’ll spot it early, so you don’t have a disaster on your hands from letting it fester too long.

Vertical Pipe Repair has been helping commercial property owners with pipe maintenance and repair for years. We use the most modern video equipment on the market to inspect and repair your plumbing and sewage systems. If you need vertical pipe repair, contact us today.