What Newbies Don’t Know about Vertical Pipe Repair

January 16, 2020

Photo by Sean Pollock on Unsplash

Vertical pipe repair isn’t the same as regular pipe repair. Vertical pipes have different needs. Plus, vertical pipes usually exist in places where a lot of people gather. Hotels, hospitals, and high-rise office buildings all use vertical pipes to accommodate multiple floors. Understandably, not everybody knows how vertical pipe repair works. Here are a few things that most newbies don’t know.

You Need a Vertical Pipe Repair Expert 

Vertical pipes are complicated, which means that vertical pipe repair is complicated, too. In a multi-story building, the pipes are laid out to fit within the building’s construction. The layout isn’t always logical, and the pipes can be difficult to reach. When you need repair for your vertical pipes, you don’t just need a pipe repair expert. You need a vertical pipe repair expert. Find a repair specialist who knows how to access and repair these pipes. If you hire a repair team that’s not used to vertical pipes, you could prolong the process.

The CIPP Basics 

The best method for vertical pipe repair is a process called CIPP. CIPP, which stands for “cured in place pipelining,” is a fast, relatively quiet process for fixing and rehabilitating vertical pipes. With CIPP, your specialist will insert a flexible, resin-coated tube into the broken pipe. As the CIPP tube dries, it will adhere to the walls of the host pipe. The CIPP tube seals away cracks and holes so that the water can flow without interruption.

CIPP Isn’t Your Only Option 

While CIPP is usually the best choice for vertical pipe repair, every once in awhile, CIPP isn’t feasible. In that case, you still don’t have to resort to invasive methods. You have other trenchless repair options. For example, there’s pipe bursting. Instead of repairing the existing pipe, pipe bursting replaces the pipe entirely. During this process, the old pipe is broken apart while a new pipe is pulled into place right away. The new pipe is inserted through a minimally-invasive access point, so you won’t have to destroy walls or dig up your parking lot.

Vertical Pipe Repair 

Ready to learn more about vertical pipe repair? Do you need a team of specialists to fix your vertical pipes? In that case, the Vertical CIPP team is here to help. We’re not just experts in pipe repair. We focus specifically on vertical pipes and the non-invasive methods that won’t interrupt your business. Contact us now to request your free quote.