Why Choose CIPP for Roof Drain Lining

February 10, 2017

CIPP drain lining is a great solution for persistent roof drain issues. A good roof drain will protect your roof from the dangers of standing water. It will also protect your foundation by depositing the water only at a safe distance. CIPP is seamless, permanent, and a great solution to serious water damage risks.

Seamless interior for fewer snags

Clogs are one of the major concerns for roof drains and gutters. Ice, leaves, and other debris combine to clog your drains. Clogged drains are worse than no drains. At least when you know that you don’t have any way to divert water from your roof, you pay more attention. Some people never notice that their roof drain is clogged until spring. They can go half a season without realizing that their roof isn’t getting the drainage it needs.

CIPP is a seamless pipe repair. Joints and seams in the pipe are very common places for debris to snag. CIPP drain lining is smooth and even. There’s no need for seams and no need for corrugation. CIPP linings are often as strong as corrugated metal without the need for bumps that catch and hold debris.

 CIPP drain lining is permanent

If your roof drains are in fairly good shape, but have interior snags, bumps, or cracks, then lining is often an easier solution than total replacement. Some people choose to line their roof drains with either plastic or paint. While it’s possible to paint over small imperfections, larger snags are going to stay with you through the life of your pipe.

Likewise, if you choose to replace just a section of your drains, you’re left with other failing areas. You could replace your drains one pipe section at a time, like a patchwork quilt, but then the repairs will never end. CIPP roof drain lining is a permanent solution. It has a long life, with average installations lasting more than twenty years, and some more than thirty without major incident. While there is a chance that you’ll one day have to attend to your drains again, many businesses don’t even plan to be in the same headquarters in thirty years.

Prevent serious water backup

One of the main things that roof drains are used for is protecting your property. At roof level, they prevent water from pooling on your roof. Even the best roof will eventually spring a leak if water is allowed to sit on it long enough. Storms, rain, and prolonged exposure to water will soften almost every seal. CIPP drain lining is long lasting and durable. It sweeps water away from your roof, which is half the battle.

The other half of the battle with the elements deals with where your roof drain lets out. A CIPP roof drain stays intact, allowing you to carry water from the roof to an appropriate drainage point far from the foundations of your building. Water is a surprisingly destructive force. It can break down a roof and it can turn a solid foundation into a sliding mud puddle. It’s important that your roof drain takes the water far enough away from the foundations of your building. CIPP roof drains stay stronger longer, helping to ensure roof and foundation safety.

The dangers of water backup on a roof or the ground are difficult to overstate. CIPP helps eliminate leaking pipes and clogged drains. These both can cause water backup and exacerbate the issue of water damage. CIPP drain lining is a great way to protect your property. Contact your local CIPP expert, Advanced Pipe Repair, for information.