What Season is Best for CIPP Repairs?

February 13, 2017

If you have the luxury of scheduling your CIPP repairs, you can choose the best block of time to do it in. Summer has a lot of advantages for CIPP repair and placement. In the event of a pipe emergency, you can almost always find a way to place your CIPP so that you can quickly get back on track. Some imperfect conditions will affect the groundwork, however. Installing CIPP under these conditions will require a check with your installation team.

Summer is ideal

Summer in Texas tends to be a hot, dry affair. The sun shines for weeks or months, and aside from the occasional thunderstorm you can count on the weather staying beautiful. If you’re choosing when to install CIPP repairs, you should choose the summer. There’s more time to work without worrying about the weather. Your business may be in the slow season. Many companies experience a summer slump. If yours does, it makes sense to put large scale repairs off until then.

Summer is great for installing CIPP repairs because the weather is likely to hold. The only downside is the extreme heat common over many areas. Your installation team may have to resort of refrigerated trucks in order to transport your resin-soaked liner. It has to be kept cool until it’s in place. Otherwise, the curing process will begin.

Emergency repairs are almost always possible

It makes a lot of sense to schedule CIPP repairs. If you have an older, failing system that’s costing you an arm and a leg in maintenance, upgrading when convenient is a great way to save money. You will foot more upfront costs while saving down the road. However, you don’t always have the luxury of choosing. If you have to repair a pipe immediately, CIPP can almost always remain an option.

Emergency repairs can be completed quickly, but they are not instant. The first step to emergency repair is always to shut off the faulty pipe. You may have to access the master valve on the property, or find an individual turn off. Once that’s done, CIPP repairs can begin. Factor in the customization of CIPP repairs. Almost every liner is custom made for the pipe it will line. While emergency CIPP repairs happen in spring, summer, winter, or fall, typically they cannot take place the same day, or overnight.

Imperfect conditions

Imperfect conditions add to the possibility that the CIPP repair will be warped. A flood is a poor time to place CIPP. The pipe sets more evenly when water isn’t running over it.

An improperly cleaned host pipe can also pose a problem. Oils and greases on a host pipe can interact with the hardening resin, causing it to withdraw from the host pipe. There will always be a small gap, but dirt and grease widen the gap. This narrows your new CIPP pipe.

In a general sense, the best season for CIPP repair is the summer. Conditions are dry and predictable, perfect for CIPP repair. However, if you cannot wait until summer for repairs, CIPP can help you. While emergency repairs will not happen overnight, they can be placed quickly. Even less than ideal conditions won’t stop CIPP. Don’t wait for an emergency, contact your local CIPP expert, today.