Three Reasons You Dont Hear about CIPP

February 10, 2017

CIPP has many advantages. It’s quick to install, can be used on a variety of pipes, and can last a very long time. However, CIPP is mostly unknown. There are three main reasons why people don’t hear about CIPP more often, especially when it comes to construction and pipe repair jobs.

1. It’s only recently been made widely available in the United States

After the invention of CIPP in England, it was brought to the United States. However, the process for CIPP was protected; meaning that only the inventing company could perform it. With only one company servicing the entire United States, it would be difficult for the CIPP process to spread. This means that most places in the United States didn’t even have access to CIPP until more recently. Once the patent expired, the process became more widely used by experienced companies.

At Vertical Pipe Repair, we bring together highly experienced, non-original company employees to perform the CIPP processes. Striking out on our own allows us to bring CIPP to areas of the country where access has been slim to nonexistent. Once CIPP has been installed in your area, news starts to spread.

 2. Often used for very large projects

Some of the highest demand for CIPP comes from government work. CIPP is a flexible way to repair many pipes, sewers, and culverts without disrupting the road and incurring more costs. Since its arrival in the United States, the government has been using it heavily. Many people who hear about CIPP, only hear about it in regards to large scale projects, such as lining 120-inch diameter culverts. They don’t realize that the same technology can be used on their standard-sized commercial sewer or drainage system. The beauty of the CIPP system is its flexibility. With the right liner, you could line a large variety of pipes without any trouble at all.

3. Great solution for specific problems

Unfortunately, CIPP doesn’t garner as much attention as more traditional pipe repair methods. This is mainly because it’s not considered a catch-all solution. CIPP is very good at repairing some kinds of pipe damage. You can even replace parts of your pipes without having to dig up your landscaping, damage your property, or pay for extra labor. It’s quick, easy, and simple. However, it’s not perfect for every problem. If your host pipes have been cross-bored, CIPP won’t be able to pass through the pipe and form. Moreover, CIPP can’t be used if your pipe has completely collapsed. There needs to be enough of the host pipe left to hold your new pipe to the original shape. In an emergency, people don’t remember solutions that only work for some problems. They’d rather reach for the catch-all solution, even if it means missing out on other more potentially awesome things.

CIPP is a great solution for many plumbing, drain, and sewer issues. For example, it is a great solution for lining vertical and horizontal pipes. It’s unfortunate that this pipe repair process is not well known, due to the reasons mentioned above. CIPP is suited to many issues. Additionally, it’s flexible enough to fit a wide variety of pipes. Best of all, thanks to Vertical Pipe Repair, CIPP is available in the Dallas/Fort Worth and East Texas area.