What Does Trenchless Pipe Repair Imply?

October 13, 2017

What’s Trenchless Technology All About?

Trenchless technology has become an industry-preferred method of pipe repair and replacement. This form of pipe repair has popped up all over the United States because of its cost-effective and seamless nature. While many people have utilized trenchless technology, many don’t know much about it. Here is what trenchless technology is all about.

What Is Trenchless Technology?


Trenchless technology is a specialized form of technology that is focused on solely fixing sewer and pipe lines. It’s an alternative type of construction work that doesn’t require digging or continuous trenches. Using trenchless technology can mean using a number of methods, materials, and specialized equipment. It’s an efficient method that is used to be a new installation, replacement, or rehabilitation for existing underground infrastructures.

What Does Trenchless Pipe Repair Imply?

Using trenchless technology can mean a lot more than just relining your old, damaged pipes.

It can be used as a way to completely replace pipes that were previously thought to be beyond repair, repair large municipal pipe lines, vertical pipe lines, and other concentrated damages. With such a wide range of applications, it’s no surprise that using trenchless technologies has become a popular choice.

What Specific Damages Can Trenchless Technologies Fix?


Trenchless technology doesn’t only fix a wide variety of pipe lines; it also can be the solution to a wide variety of damages. It can be used to renovate damage caused by animal activity, foundational shifting, tree root penetration, faulty installation, and breakdowns over time.

No matter what the damage is, trenchless technologies offer an efficient method that provides strong and efficient results.

What Are Some Benefits?

There are several benefits that come along with using trenchless pipe repair methods, but the two major ones are that they save you time and money. Typically, traditional pipe line repair methods in heavily populated areas cost three times more than trenchless repair methods. That’s just considering the base operation. With traditional repair methods, there are some additional costs due to disrupting traffic, digging, and labor. Traditional repair methods can take days to complete, while trenchless technologies can have repair and replacement jobs completed within a day.

It’s no surprise that more and more people choose trenchless repair methods on sewers and pipe lines. Trenchless technology is an efficient, low-cost, zero-digging method to repairing a number of different pipe lines. It provides a safer alternative to traditional trenching pipe repair methods. Choosing trenchless technologies means choosing a safer repair method that costs less and saves you time.