How Does CIPP Work On Vertical Pipe Lines?

September 23, 2017

Vertical pipes are often the most difficult pipes to access and even more difficult to repair. CIPP or cured-in-place piping offers an efficient alternative to repairing vertical pipelines, without all of the hassle. Today, CIPP is becoming a common method for pipe repair among various types of pipelines. However, it is still considered a fairly new method of repairing vertical pipes. Here is how CIPP works on vertical pipelines. 

What Kinds of Vertical Pipes Does CIPP Work On?

CIPP works on almost any pipeline, horizontal or vertical, from as small as 0.5” to as large as a 48” pipeline. Different liners are used to re-line the pipeline depending on the types of substance the pipes carry. For example, some CIPP liners are not approved for portable drinking water but approved for gas pipelines. This is because vertical pipes usually end up caring more than just water or gas through them. Often times, soap, waste, and other corroding chemicals make their way down vertical pipelines, causing them to need repair sooner. This is especially if your pipeline is not made of a material strong enough to withstand them.

How Does It Work?

Vertical pipes are often tangled in with many other pipelines, even horizontal pipes. This makes it hard to access. Repairing the vertical pipes becomes an even more difficult task. Thankfully, CIPP only requires an access point in order to rehabilitate an entire vertical pipeline. Cleaning the pipeline is the first step to repair when using CIPP. Any debris must first be removed in order to perform a video inspection diagnoses. This step provides assistance in locating the source of the problem. A video inspection also determines if the vertical line can be repaired using CIPP, or if you need to go with another repair method because the damages are too severe. After the inspection is complete, a resin like material is applied to the inside of the pipeline. This resin is then cured in order to create a new pipeline inside the old pipeline. It eliminates the need to open up walls or create further damage to your building when trying to access vertical pipes.


Repairing vertical pipes does not have to be a stressful or destructive repair job. CIPP offers a non-invasive pipe repair method that rehabilitates even hard to access vertical pipes within a matter of hours. Pipelines repaired using CIPP last longer and are capable of handling a lot more than traditional pipes. Don’t make repairing vertical pipes a big ordeal, check into CIPP the next time your vertical pipes need a fixing.