How Can Vertical Pipes Benefit from CIPP Repair?

October 27, 2017

Vertical pipes are one of the hardest types of pipelines to access and repair. This is why CIPP has become such a popular choice when it comes to repairing vertical pipes. CIPP offers a way to rehabilitate pipes rather than replace them. This trenchless repair method can bring a lot of benefits to vertical pipes including strengthening the pipes, keeping the integrity of the pipelines, and not damaging the building. Here are how vertical pipes benefit from CIPP repair.


Strengthens Pipelines


Traditional pipelines are made of materials such as steel. This leaves them susceptible for things like water damage, erosion, and rust. CIPP offers a way to keep the existing pipe line in place which still fixing and strengthening them. This is because CIPP uses a resin material that impregnates the pipeline. The resin is less susceptible to things like water damage and rust that traditional pipeline often suffers from. This means that not only are your pipes stronger, but they will last a lot longer.


Maintains Pipeline Integrity


When pipelines are exposed, they can cause some damage to the integrity of the pipe line. Busting into the wall or ground disrupts the area surrounding your pipelines. This can cause unnecessary shifts and damages that would have otherwise been prevented. CIPP maintains pipeline integrity by not digging at all. This means that the area around your vertical pipes stay undisturbed and your pipes stay in place.


Saves Your Building


A major benefit that CIPP brings to vertical pipes is that it saves your building from having unnecessary damages done in order to repair pipelines. Ignoring pipelines that are in need of repair isn’t going to do any good. However, having huge chunks of pipeline replaced using the traditional digging method can cause just as much damage. With traditional methods, walls sometimes have to be busted open, leaving an unpleasant mess. CIPP is a trenchless repair method which means your building walls won’t be dug into just to fix your pipes.


Vertical pipelines may be difficult to repair with traditional methods, but with CIPP any vertical pipe is accessible. CIPP offers a non-invasive rehabilitation method to fix damaged vertical pipes. With this trenchless repair method, your pipes will reap a number of benefits. That includes strengthening existing pipelines, maintaining pipeline integrity, and saves your building from having to endure unnecessary construction. When it comes to repairing your vertical pipes, choose CIPP to