Can CIPP Prevent Pipe Problems?

April 30, 2019

Unfortunately, pipes don’t last forever. Technological advances over the last decades have improved the lifespan of commercial, industrial and residential pipes, but eventually decay must be dealt with. In addition to decaying over time, pipe damage can be caused by a number of factors like tree root growth, cross-boring, and human error. Maintaining residential and commercial pipes can range from very basic to extremely complex systems. Cured in Place Piping, or CIPP, for prevention of significant pipe decay is a viable solution for most home or business owners. Let’s take a look at how CIPP can save you time and money.

No-Dig Technology

One of the largest benefits of CIPP is that is it a no-dig, trenchless process. Advanced tools are used to search for and locate blockages or breaks in pipe lining. Sensors on the surface pinpoint the exact location of the stoppage or leak so no time is wasted digging up large sections of pipe to look. Once the issue is located, CIPP technicians insert tools into the existing pipe and line it with a resin that solidifies into a new pipe. The entire repair is done without taking out any original pipe. CIPP for prevention of extensive damage is the perfect solution.

CIPP for Rapid Repair

CIPP for prevention of pipe damage is also a cost-saver. Many homeowners and businesses know that traditional pipe repair can be expensive. Not only do the labor and parts cost a lot, but repairs can often take weeks or months. The disruption adds additional costs onto families and employers. The fast-acting CIPP process allows people to stay in their homes and companies to keep their doors open. There are no large areas of road or walkways cordoned off so large machinery can operate onsite. CIPP is a streamlined process that provides fast solutions to complex problems.

Vertical Pipe Repair are experts in handling difficult pipe issues. We have helped countless clients in Texas deal with frustrating pipe challenges. We specialize in working with multi-level commercial and residential units. CIPP for prevention of pipe replacement keeps the flow of tenants in and out of buildings as smooth as possible. Whether the client is a hotel, school, hospital or apartment building, CIPP can save time and money. Contact Vertical Pipe Repair today to speak with a member of our team about how we can help with any and all of your pipe-related concerns.