How CIPP Can Keep Your Building’s Pipes Running

March 28, 2019 commercial cipp

Any commercial property owner lives in fear of underground pipe problems. They’ve seen or heard stories about months-long shutdowns while crews search for damaged or leaking pipes. Huge sections of concrete are torn up to pull out debris and damage in order to install replacement pipe sections. All that disruption means missed revenue and angry tenants. Business tenants expect to be able to freely access their offices. The ability to come and go keeps production high and customers coming in and out. Things can get ugly when pipes burst and the building closes down. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. CIPP for commercial building owners can keep your pipes running without extended disruption.

What Is CIPP?

CIPP stands for cured-in-place-piping. It’s a technology that allows pipes to be repaired without extensive digging and no replacement is required. Technical crews arrive on site after receiving a report of a leaking or clogged pipe. They’ll scope the pipe using a video line with attached sensors. The sensors ping above ground technicians to pinpoint the exact location of necessary repairs. After the damage is found, specialized tools are inserted into the pipes that can reline existing pipes and repair damage without digging. Technicians apply a resin coating and attach a liner tube to cover any exposed areas. All of this is done without having to dig up the pipe.

Benefits of CIPP

The benefits of CIPP for commercial building owners are obvious. They keep the doors open, so your business tenants stay happy and productive. Rent keeps coming in, and repair costs are low. Any digging is kept to an absolute minimum because technicians know where the damage is and can hone in on its location. Owners don’t have to stress over how much damage is being done underground while crews search for the problem.

The stakes are high with pipe repair in multi-story commercial buildings. Vertical Pipe Repair is the premier provider of CIPP for commercial building owners in Texas. We have the resources to respond quickly to emergencies and conduct regular maintenance on commercial pipe systems. Contact us today to speak with us about how we can make sure your pipes are in great working order. Let us take the stress of commercial pipe maintenance off your plate and save you time and money with the latest CIPP technology.