Apartment Pipe Repair: Fix Vertical Pipes Without Disturbing Your Tenants

January 31, 2019

If you own an apartment building, you have likely run into issues with your pipes at some point. If you haven’t, you certainly will in the future. Complex owners around the country dread apartment pipe repair because it used to mean time-consuming and costly repairs that might disturb your tenants. But advancements in technology have allowed fixing your vertical pipes to become a quick and easy process. Two efficient ways to fix vertical pipes without disturbing your tenants are pipe bursting and cured-in-place piping (CIPP).

Cured-In-Place Piping

CIPP is a repair method that forms a new pipe within your existing pipe. This simple method ensures that there will be no damage to your building, landscape, sidewalk, or the area around your building. Additionally, CIPP can be used on pipes with several different angles and is great for pipes that cover multiple stories. This method of pipe repair is non-invasive and takes very little time when compared to other traditional methods.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting can also be used to repair the vertical pipes in your apartment building. This method repairs your old pipe by placing a new pipe inside, which slowly and fully replaces the old pipe. Next, we’ll explore some similarities and differences between these two types of apartment pipe repair.

Similarities and Differences

The main difference between pipe bursting and CIPP is the fact that pipe bursting completely replaces your old pipes with new ones. Because pipe bursting fully eliminates the old pipe, it is able to create a larger pipe as a result. CIPP piping is limited to the size of your original pipes because the new pipe must exist inside of the old one. There are some pipes that CIPP cannot be used on, in which case pipe bursting is the alternative option.

Benefits For Using These Methods on Your Apartment Complex

Both of these methods of apartment pipe repair require no digging. This means there won’t be any of the loud noises usually associated with pipe repair, which will help you avoid angry tenants. Moreover, the lack of digging means there won’t be eyesores on your building or the surrounding landscape during the repair process.

Speaking of the repair process, a surefire way to upset your tenants is a lengthy repair project. Luckily, pipe bursting and CIPP are extremely fast ways to repair your vertical piping. Both methods can be completed in a matter of days. Some of your tenants may not even know the repairs happened. On top of keeping your tenants happy, the speedy repair process means much less labor and a lower cost.

Fix Your Vertical Pipes

Fixing your vertical pipes no longer has to be troublesome for your tenants or your wallet. With CIPP and pipe bursting, you can repair your vertical pipes quickly and painlessly. If you have pipes in your apartment complex that need repairing, contact Vertical Pipe Repair today!