Why Video Pipe Inspections Are Important to Your Pipes

July 10, 2018

Until recently, the only way to diagnose and repair a pipe problem was to dig a trench. Pipe repair specialists would hollow out a trench to reach the pipes. In the process, they’d make a lot of noise, disrupt work days, and cause a fair amount of property damage. These days, we have better technology for pipe repair. It starts with video inspections.

No More Guessing

If your building has lost water pressure, a lot of different factors could have caused the problem. For example, tree roots are common culprits of lost water pressure. In the same token, you could be facing an aging pipe full of cracks. It’s also likely that something foreign has become stuck and is now clogging the pipe. The best solution to solving the mystery is a video inspection. With video inspections, you get high-quality video footage that shows you exactly what the problem is. It speeds up the entire repair process and lets you get back to your regular workday as soon as you can.

Preventative Maintenance

It’s far better to prevent a problem than to fix a problem, and video inspections can help. With video inspections, pipe repair technicians can get a good idea of what problems your pipes might face in the future. They might spot the beginnings of rust, for example, or notice that the pipe’s route is dangerously close to tree roots. You’ll get the knowledge that you need to fix problems before they happen, saving time and money in the process.

Trenchless Repair

Video inspections provide the first step of most trenchless repair methods. Unlike traditional repair methods, trenchless technology doesn’t involve any digging. Instead, your repair team will access the pipe through an entry point such as a manhole. A video inspection ensures that trenchless technology will work well for your pipes.

Video Inspections for Vertical Pipes

Vertical pipes are some of the hardest pipes to diagnose and repair. Video inspections can help you with the first part. CIPP and other trenchless methods can help you with the second part. It’s crucial that you work with the right company. At Vertical Pipe Repair, we specialize in these very particular, very difficult pipes. If you’d like to learn more about video inspections or vertical pipe repair, contact us to get your free quote today.