Improve Pipeline Integrity with No Digging

August 24, 2017

Pipelines are an essential part of anyone’s business. They are responsible for importing and exporting water, waste water, and even certain chemicals. It is crucial for your pipelines to be well-functioning and have strong integrity. Working to improve and maintain pipeline integrity helps to prevent future damages that could potentially bring your business to a complete halt for repairs. One way to ensure that your pipes are always at their best is with trenchless repair technology. Here are some ways that using no digging pipeline repair technology improves pipeline integrity.


Using trenches to repair damaged pipeline is not only destructive, but it also doesn’t provide the best coverage and sealant. Trench pipeline repair involves digging a large, invasive trench, cutting out the damaged piece of pipeline, and then replacing that piece with a new one. While this traditional trench repair method successfully repairs the damaged pipeline, it’s not to the same degree as no digging pipeline repair. With no digging pipeline repair, a liquid material such as resin is inserted into the pipe where it then creates a new pipe within the existing, old pipe. This method ensures that the new pipe has complete coverage with no leaks or cracks. Repairing your pipeline as a whole instead of in sections helps to improve the integrity of the pipeline and helps it to last longer.

Less Repair

No digging pipeline repair technology results in a less need for future pipeline repairs. This is because of the way no digging pipeline repair is done and the material that is used. This method isn’t as invasive as traditional pipeline repair techniques and uses a resin that leaves no connection points or holes that could potentially cause damage later on. No digging methods provide a completely sealed repair that gives the pipeline a little more integrity than trench repair methods.


One of the main reasons that no digging pipeline repair improves the integrity of your pipelines is because of the material. Trenchless repair methods mean that no metal or plastic is being used. Instead, material like Perma-liner and epoxy resin is used. These materials not only provide a more durable seal, but it also lasts for over 50 years.

Pipelines are an essential part of any business, but can often times become a headache. When it comes to pipelines, having the best pipeline integrity is essential. No digging pipeline repair technology is a great way to improve the integrity of your business pipelines because it creates a durable seal, requires less future repairs, and uses a long-lasting material. Next time your pipelines need repairs, check out no digging pipeline repairs.