Top Signs Of A Great CIPP Installation Company

August 24, 2017

CIPP (cured-in-place piping) has become an increasingly common way to repair existing pipes. CIPP offers rehabilitation of existing pipes instead of just replacing them. Along with the rise in popularity of CIPP, there is a rise in CIPP installation companies. With so many new installation companies it can be hard to know which companies offer quality services. Here are the top signs of a great CIPP installation company.

Customer Service

A key factor to becoming a great company is providing great customer service. How a company takes care of their customers is just as important as the other services they provide. A top sign of a great CIPP installation company is the type of customer service they provide. If the company provides great customer service, then they are probably an all-around good company to use.


Price is often be a sign of the level of service a company provides. It’s important to look at the prices that an installation company offers compared to competitors. Charging too much or even too little in price sometimes foreshadows the type of service provided. However, good service does not always mean expensive service. A great CIPP installation company should be both cost efficient and offer great service. A top sign of a great CIPP installation company is a fair cost of their service. Reasonably priced service means that there is a good chance that the company offers quality services.

 Service Knowledge

Knowledge is key to success. If a CIPP installation company shows a lot of knowledge about CIPP installation, then they most likely offer great service. Having extensive knowledge over CIPP installation means that the company knows all there is to know about pipe repair. They know all of the tip and tricks, all of the new technology, and anything else there is to know about CIPP installation. This ensures that you are getting the best service available.

When it comes to CIPP installation, it’s important to choose the best installation company. The top signs of a great CIPP installation company include their level of customer service,updated technology, the cost of their services, and how much knowledge they possess regarding CIPP installation. Vertical Pipe Repair offers all of these qualities. We know that pipes can often be difficult to work with. We make sure that your pipes are dealt with properly and quickly and that you always experience quality customer service. Request a free quote at (888) 468-7668 for your CIPP repair needs.