Where to Get Commercial Pipe Repair

May 9, 2024 commercial pipe repair


Commercial pipe repair is crucial for the integrity of every commercial building. These properties particularly need prompt pipe restoration because they can’t afford lengthy downtimes or disruptions. Hence, modern owners of commercial properties easily choose CIPP over conventional trench pipe repair.

Now that we’ve established the importance of commercial pipe maintenance, we must address the means to go about it. Many property owners are new to the concept of trenchless technology, so they have issues locating a reliable CIPP service provider. Luckily, CIPP has quickly covered ground in the last few decades and is available across the United States.

Read on as we explore commercial pipe repair, how the process works, and where to locate expert commercial repair services.

What is Commercial Pipe Repair?

Commercial pipe repair is the practice of remediating damaged underground pipelines on a commercial site. The pipes carry water, sewage, and chemicals around the complex, so the repair is a rather delicate process. For example, hospital pipelines will carry water, sewage, and biohazardous materials like blood.

If the contractor is performing trench repair, then the procedure can take several weeks. The team will need to dig out and replace the entire damaged line before the pipe can return to use. This process can expose contractors and occupants to sewage, contaminants, and other hazardous materials. 

And if the contractors aren’t extremely careful, they can risk cross-contamination. This is a process where the contents of one pipe enter another, potentially poisoning a water source.

How Does Commercial CIPP Work?

Commercial CIPP employs a method better known as cured-in-place repair. It works by creating a durable protective layer inside the damaged pipe. 

Experts start by cleaning out the pipe with high-pressure water jets to give them a clean work site. Then, they pull or push a flexible epoxy tube into the pipe and inflate it with water or air pressure. The pressure expands the epoxy against the inner walls of the damaged liner, sealing out cracks and leaks from within.

After the epoxy has set, experts use heat or ultraviolet light to cure it and harden the liner in place. The result is a jointless, corrosion-resistant liner that is expected to last over 50 years.

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