The Ins and Outs of Video Inspections For Commercial Pipes

April 27, 2021

Commercial pipe systems are large structures that demand great attention and care to keep them flowing properly. One way to keep your pipes in good working order is an annual inspection. The problem with commercial pipes is the sheer size of the systems. An easy solution is to schedule a video inspection. Here’s a closer look at what makes video pipe inspections an excellent option.

Video Inspections Detect Blocked Pipes

The first reason to schedule an annual video inspection is to detect blocks within your pipe system. When a company like Vertical Pipe Repair undertakes a video inspection, a professional from our team will arrive at your site to begin the process. At the end of the inspection process, you can view the video itself, along with a report of blockages. Addressing these blocked pipes quickly will reduce future risk of pipe failure.

Video Inspections Will Signal Future Weaknesses

Another reason to schedule an annual video inspection of your commercial pipes is to plan ahead. While the main focus of these inspections is to detect immediate problems, video tools can also signal developing weaknesses. By addressing these weaknesses before they become larger problems, your organization can develop a plan for improvements and repairs. These improvements might include a thorough system cleaning, a small-scale leak repair, or a full replacement. Seeing is believing, and having something to share with shareholders can allow more effective planning.

Video Inspections Can Prevent Extended Downtimes

Similarly, using video to detect pipe defects allows risky situations to be addressed on appropriate timelines. Being without access to a household pipe system for a few hours can be a minor inconvenience. On the other hand, being without a commercial pipe system for even a short time can be costly in regards to customers, employees, and other users. Time and money lost can make the repair process that much more expensive. Planning ahead will allow for appropriate preparation.

Vertical Pipe Repair: Video Inspections Make Your Pipes Safer

When it comes to making your commercial pipes safer, video inspections have become the quickest way to detect problems. Scheduling a video inspection from Vertical Pipe Repair can make the repairs that might follow that much smoother. Our team of experts has decades of experience in handling a wide array of commercial plumbing needs. When you need to feel confident in your repair team, contact Vertical Pipe Repair right away!