A Beginner’s Guide to Commercial CIPP

February 16, 2021 trenchless technology

Experiencing damage to commercial pipes can be devastating, especially if the damage isn’t repaired quickly. The trouble with commercial pipes is that no two systems are the same. As a result, some systems will be easier to repair than others. In many cases, repairing these systems has traditionally been costly with respect to time, money, and inconvenience. With the expansion of new techniques, each of these areas can be reduced. Here’s a look at what commercial property owners need to know about CIPP.

CIPP Begins With Assessment

When the first signs of pipe failure appear on your commercial property, there’s no time to waste. Contacting a professional plumbing repair firm like Vertical Pipe Repair will provide a full inspection. Experienced plumbers will use advanced techniques to get a look inside your pipes without digging. Enter CIPP. In CIPP or cured-in-place piping, damage can be assessed and repaired without making a mess of your commercial property. With the assessment process completed, an expert pipe repair team can determine whether CIPP methods are suitable.

Digging No Longer Required: A Money Saver!

Traditionally, pipe repairs have required trench-based project work. This means digging to locate the pipe system, digging to locate the damage, doing the repair, and then filling in the holes again. This is the most costly part of a traditional pipe repair. It’s time-consuming, and it can often be avoided by using CIPP repairs. CIPP is a process that allows repairs to be completed inside the existing pipe. A liner is inserted and bonded to the failing pipe, which strengthens both sections. Once the two sections are bonded with a custom epoxy, the pipes need to be cured. This can happen by ambient air, steam, or through light-emitting diode (also known as LED CIPP). LED CIPP can cure pipes at a rate of 7 meters in 7 minutes. CIPP pipes are guaranteed to last for fifty years or more, which can provide substantial savings.

CIPP Enhances Safety

Cured-in-place piping repairs provide a significant improvement in safety for all parties involved. The business owner, the repair technician, and the customers can navigate the repair process without unnecessary risks. With new technological improvements like LED CIPP, the safety values of CIPP have improved by a huge rate.

Vertical Pipe Repair: The Best CIPP in the Great State of Texas

While no two commercial CIPP repairs will be the same, one fact is indisputable: quality work matters. When your business partners with Vertical Pipe Repair, you will get excellent repairs. Not all teams are created equal, but our team possesses decades of expertise in CIPP projects. Commercial CIPP repairs require careful attention to detail. When you partner with Vertical Pipe Repair, our team will take the reins on your situation from start to finish. Your full satisfaction is guaranteed. Visit www.verticalcipp.com to learn more today!