CIPP Repair and How Each Step Benefits You

October 14, 2021

CIPP repair for vertical pipes is a finely-tuned procedure. While each step is designed to make the work easier to predict and to accomplish, cured-in-place pipe repair is also designed to benefit the property owner. A commercial piping system requires a good amount of maintenance over the years, especially when it is occupied by multiple people for more than 12 months.

Pipes eventually break down from frequent use and general wear and tear. CIPP repair steps, such as property/pipe inspections, rehabilitation methods, and post-job security measures, can benefit your property and your finances.

Property and Pipe Inspections

In order to conduct vertical pipeline rehabilitation, contractors must work around roof leaders, electrical conduits, and other obstacles or concerns. An inspection helps the specialist establish the best way to repair around these hurdles. This early preparation also benefits you by cutting down on manual labor hours. With CIPP repair, our contractors go in with the knowledge of how to get in and out while solving the pipe issue. After all, a good pipe service is an efficient one. Our team uses inspections to gather evidence, but also to prepare a location for repairs. This kind of preparation often leads to the discovery of mounting pipe issues, like trickling leaks or beginning cracks.

Next to regular inspections, Vertical Pipe Repair can also conduct an annual sewer cleaning to help minimize costs and avoid further breakdowns. For instance, a commercial property owner might spend more money trying to prepare a worksite before the contractor can access it. This means extra outside services and more bills. With CIPP, a sewer cleaning lowers the risk of leaks and safety hazards, while allowing the pipe specialists to do a better job.

Our vertical pipe specialists use inspections and sewer cleanings to benefit you and your property. Ultimately, the work is more efficient, without the chaos and random problems that often affect traditional pipework. CIPP equals better accuracy while also minimizing the risk of accidents. Vertical Pipe Repair benefits your property before the job begins.

Vertical Pipe Rehabilitation Methods 

Vertical pipeline rehabilitation is a way to secure older systems and stop leaks and clogs before they cause more damage. Thanks to thorough training, CIPP specialists can save you time and minimize on-site disruptions by using special tools and pre-made entry points to do the work. For example, the slip-lining technique involves a fabric tube that is “slipped” into place. This liner is then bonded to the interior thanks to special resin cement. Pipe rehab benefits you because it eliminates the need to tear out long sections of pipe. Instead, the contractor can finish the job without tearing the property itself apart.

Securing Pipes Post CIPP Repair

Once a repair job is completed, our technicians check off all the boxes. CIPP contractors make the possibility of adding years to a pipe’s lifetime a reality. In fact, a proper repair job can add up to 50 years of longevity. Each task is sufficiently wrapped up, with no loose ends. CIPP ultimately reinforces the entire system, stabilizing pipes against common property structure threats.

Vertical Pipe Repair Benefits Your Commercial Property

Vertical Pipe Repair’s contractors rely on hard work and innovation to repair commercial pipelines. We are here to provide expert-level services before, during, and after a pipe repair situation. Your property’s walls and overall structure don’t need to suffer damages. With CIPP, the results are only beneficial. Contact us now.