4 Things the Experts Know about Repairing Vertical Pipe

March 18, 2020

If there’s one thing that all property managers worry about, it’s repairing things for their tenants. In many cases, the items involved can get a quick fix and be back to normal operation. However, this can’t always be said for plumbing and pipe issues. When it’s time to get to repairing vertical pipes, it’s best to work with trained plumbers. Here are the four things that all vertical pipe experts (and property owners) should know.

Repairing Vertical Pipes Takes Time

The first thing that all vertical pipe repair professionals know to be true is how long it can take. This is especially the case if it’s unclear where the damage is coming from. Additionally, older pipe systems can have their own quirks that have to be carefully considered before, during, and after work is undertaken.

Vertical Pipes Have Different Structures Than Other Pipes

A second factor that vertical pipe professionals take into consideration is the overall structure of the pipe system. With commercial properties in particular, pipes can run through several floors and be set in unusual patterns. It’s important to take care when building repair plans, because one mistake can cause trouble in all the floors and rooms along the line being serviced.

Repairing Vertical Pipes Costs Money

The third factor is really a product of the first two. When vertical pipe work is done the old-fashioned way, it requires digging. Digging costs time, money, and headaches. In many cases, businesses have to be shuttered to allow crews to find the problems. That is time that you could be serving your customers. The good news? Vertical pipe repair experts are learning more and more about no-dig pipe repairs.

CIPP May Be A Faster, Cheaper, Safer Solution For Your Vertical Pipes

The fourth thing that many experts will know is CIPP. Cured-in-Place Plumbing is a revolutionary no-dig solution that can save you time, money, and frustration. CIPP uses the existing pipe and high-quality repair materials to create a stronger pipe that lasts up to 50 years. CIPP takes a much shorter period of time, and it doesn’t cost you time or business.

Now that you’ve learned more about the four most common factors that impact vertical pipe experts, it’s time to look into hiring the right team to fix your piping problems. The team at Vertical Pipe Repair has been working hard to find new and innovative ways to address the needs of customers across the area. Our experts will put their best ideas forward to fix your unique vertical pipe issues. Visit www.verticalcipp.com to learn more today!