Three Stages to Successful Manhole Rehabilitation

April 20, 2018

Manholes are something you see every day. They give you access to pipe and catch basins. However, any flaw in them can quickly turn into a big headache over time. Manhole rehabilitation is not a simple, one-step process. For the best results, there are three stages to a successful manhole rehabilitation.

Stage One: Prepping

The first stage of manhole rehabilitation is proper cleaning. The most important part of cleaning is removing all the dirt and debris build-up. After eliminating the dirt and debris build-up, restoring the shape of the manhole begins. A key part of this process includes filling in cracks and inverts with the proper grout and/or cement product. Filling cracks and inverts incorrectly can lead to more issues, so it is important to complete the prepping step with care to ensure the manhole is structurally stable.

Step Two: Waterproofing

The second stage of manhole rehabilitation deals with fixing water infiltration and inflow. Water infiltration and inflow are very time sensitive since they can lead to more problems. During the second stage, the manhole is thoroughly examined to find leaks. These leaks are sealed with a waterproofing product to prevent any further leaking or damage.

Step Three: Final Lining Solution

There are several options for the final stage of manhole rehabilitation.  The best option will depend on the timeframe and severity of the rehabilitation. The first option is cured-in-place pipe repair (CIPP).  This solution is best when there is a great deal of water infiltration and the problem is urgent.

The second option is cement or epoxy coating.  This solution applies a coating with a trowel in small patches.  The cement/epoxy coating takes some time but results in high-quality work with attention to detail. Moreover, the coating is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and hydrogen sulfide.

The final option is a slightly different approach. A cementitious lining is applied evenly with a hose and sprayer. This solution is best for a long-lasting repair of a highly-stressed structure.  It is also beneficial for manholes in advanced states of disrepair prior to the restoration process.

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