What If CIPP Doesn’t Work For Your Pipes?

February 16, 2018


A pipe repair is a homeowner’s worst nightmare because it’s not an easy fix and is expensive. When it comes to repairing a pipe, there are two categories of fixes. These two categories are traditional and trenchless. The most common type of trenchless is cured-in-place pipe or CIPP.  This type of trenchless technology has been around for decades, but is not the only trenchless technology for repairing your sewer pipe. If CIPP doesn’t work for your pipes, then your other option is pipe bursting.

What is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is a trenchless technology used for replacing buried pipelines without the need of traditional construction trench. This option is on the rise as it cannot only be used for repairing your pipes but can make them bigger. It is different from CIPP because, instead of placing a new pipe within an old pipe, a pipe bursting head is pulled through the pipe with the use of a winch and cable. As the new pipe is being installed it follows behind and breaks up the old pipe. In other words, the new pipe actually bursts the old pipe.

Benefits of Using Pipe Bursting

It may sound crazy to think that there are actual benefits of pipe bursting since you are bursting a pipe. However, two of the biggest benefits of using pipe bursting is you are left with a new, stronger pipe and it can be done on any type of pipe. Here are just a few other benefits.

  1. Less Labor-Intensive: Since pipe bursting is a trenchless technology, there is no digging involved. No one is needed to operate large machinery in order to dig up a bunch of soil to get to the pipe. In the same manner, no one is breaking one’s back to shovel soil.
  2. Less Damage to the Site: Pipe bursting requires less clean up and repair since there is no digging involved. It is also an eco-friendly option. Since there is no digging there are no toxic substances given off to the water supply or anywhere up on land.
  3. Cost-Efficient: Referring back to this process being trenchless, the number of workers needed is significantly less than other options. When using pipe bursting you do not only fewer workers to repair the pipe, but you will not need to hire workers to fix the landscaping
  4. Safe: Mold and asbestos are unhealthy elements that make their home underground. If you are using a method where soil has to be dug up these elements are brought up to the surface leaving you and your family at a health risk. Pipe bursting does not require any soil to be dug up, leaving the mold and asbestos below the surface.
  5. Higher Productivity: Since less work is required, the workers can spend more time focusing on doing the job more accurately and effectively. Pipe bursting allows you to repair more pipes per day than a traditional approach.
  6. Lifetime Guarantee: With all trenchless technology contractors are able to offer a guarantee of work.


Repairing or resizing your pipes is never an easy task and can be costly. Next time you need your pipes repaired or resized with pipe bursting, contact the professionals at Vertical Pipe Repair at 866-271-0517.