How to Clean Pipes Before CIPP Installation

June 29, 2017 cipp

When it comes to pipe repair, cleaning your pipes is the first step before CIPP installation can take place. While CIPP installation makes upgrading your industrial pipes easy, you’re probably wondering just how to go about cleaning the pipes before the actual installation. There are many ways to do so. Try some or all of these methods to clean your industrial pipes before installing CIPP.


In learning how to clean pipes, one of the most useful tools at your disposal is also one of the easiest: plunging. Plunging is best used for surface problems or small blockages near the openings of pipes. While this method is not all that useful for cleaning pipes beyond surface-level blockages, it is worth trying before moving on to other methods.

Hot Water

Cleaning pipes with hot water is a tried and true method. It is often the most recommended way to clean pipes because it does great work without much trouble on the cleaner’s part. Fully cured pipes, especially those in industrial situations, can very easily stand boiling hot water being poured down them. Hot water is perfect for removing organic material from industrial pipes, and it can be used multiple times to get tricky blockages out of your pipes. However, if a couple of rounds of hot water does not seem to do the trick, your time can be better used trying other methods instead. At this point, whatever is in your pipes is probably too tough for the hot water.


Most chemicals found in the cleaning aisle of your local store are safe to use on pipes. These chemical cleaners are specially formulated to get caked-on grime off of the insides of your pipes. Chemicals, in this way, are often the first stop owners make when learning how to clean pipes. While most of these cleaners are safe to use, you should always read the labels carefully, as some cleaners are not tested on all kinds of piping before being released for sale. In the event that you are very unsure about using a chemical cleaner, contact a CIPP expert for a quick consultation.

In the process of learning how to clean pipes, there is one method you should never try: scraping. Rather than risking the damage of your pipes by scraping them, try other cleaners or contact a professional for assistance. There are many methods by which pipes can be cleaned to prepare for CIPP installation, and professional CIPP installers will always be the most up-to-date on how to best do so.