What Is Trenchless Technology?

June 1, 2017

Even vertical pipes often find their way below ground. CIPP (cured in place piping) is a common repair technique that rejuvenates pipes, and ensures that they last a long time. CIPP falls under the umbrella term “trenchless technology”, and is often the specific technological advance referred to when people bring it up. This provides a rundown of trenchless technology, and how it beats traditional pipe replacement and repair.

No excavation required

Trenchless technology refers to pipe replacement procedures that don’t require the excavation of your pipes. Below ground pipes break down over time or sustain damage just like any other part of your system. Replacing them can be an extensive and expensive process if you use traditional piping methods. Replacing the pipes the traditional way means you have to actually dig the pipes up, remove, and replace them.

Trenchless technology refers to methods of pipe repair that don’t require a physical trench. The two main systems for trenchless pipe repair are pipe bursting and CIPP. Pipe bursting is when a flexible pipe is attached to a pipe bursting head and dragged through your existing pipes. Those pipes burst and the new pipe replaces them without the need to open the whole trench.

CIPP is the other main trenchless technology. It involves a flexible pipe liner coated in epoxy and fed into the old pipes. This epoxy is then cured with hot air. Once hardened, it’s a permanent, complete pipe inside of your old host pipes.

More affordable

Trenchless technology is often more affordable than traditional pipe repair. You don’t have to pay the labor costs of excavating an entire trench. You don’t have to pay for the tools to do it, either. On top of that, trenchless technology is usually less costly than traditional pipe repair. These savings are further emphasized when you consider how long CIPP in particular can last. One installation of CIPP can last over fifty years. That’s more than enough time for trenchless technology to pay for itself.

Much quicker as a process

When you’re running a business, time is money. You can’t afford to be out of commission longer than is absolutely necessary. Due to the quick nature of CIPP installation, many pipes can be completely relined in only one day. That’s a pretty good way to spend half your weekend, right? Close on Friday with pipe troubles, and open up bright and early on Sunday with everything taken care of. It doesn’t really get better than that.

Trenchless technology saves you time and money. Cured in place piping in particular is great for pipe repair due to its long life. Plus, it sets up and dries so quickly that many jobs can be done in just one day. That means less down time for your business and more time doing what you do best. It’s important to remember that most vertical pipes begin or end underground. It pays to know that you have options when replacing or repairing your pipes. Don’t get stuck with destroying your landscaping just to change a pipe the traditional way. Remember trenchless technology and all that it can do for you.